Wahl Taper Giant - KK Hair

Wahl Taper Giant

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There is a new GIANT in town...for a limited time only!

With a solid & vintage throw-back feel, the 21st century version of the ultra-powerful Taper Giant preserves the design of the original Clipper launched back in the 40’s, but with a twist of modernity

Key Features

  • Taper Blade: The unique angle of the Taper Blade supports the 'scooping' action of your c-stroke and gives you a cutting length of 1mm - 3.5mm on the bare blade!
  • Corded Clipper: This Clipper comes corded to ensure it can keep up with the demands of your busy shop to keep you cutting all day long!
  • Motor: Equipped with a powerful V9000 Vibrator motor with 6,000rpm that can glide through bulk hair with ease
  • Made for heavy-duty cutting, tapering, blending and bulk removal