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Technofruit Color 100g 6/11

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Empowers professional colorists with proven high performance results to increase the success of in- salon services.


1   precise, predictable, high definition color results
2   reliable tane directions
3   effective anti-age action
4   total respect of the internal and external hair structure
5   maximum color  retention
6   smooth and protected external hair surface
7   extraordinary "brilliance" and "shine"
8   provides 100% grey hair coverage
9   high scalp comfort during application
10 rich texture makes it easy to mix and apply


The Keratin Delivery System transports micro color pigments, precious regenerating active ingredients and restructuring protein substances to strengthen and rebuild the internal hair structure. It guarantees 3 key benefits:

  1. MAXIMUM COLOR HOLD: the regenerating and restructuring action of keratin and protein on the internal hair structure, facilitates the perfect adhesion of the micro-size color pigments
  2. BRILLIANCE: the mix of nourishing oils forms a protective film around the cuticle, which results smoother and better reflects the incredible shine of the shades
  3. ANTI-AGEING ACTION: the elevated anti-oxidizing power of Garcinia Mangosteen is extremely effective in countering the formation of free radicals


Enriched with Garcinia Mangosteen: Its potent anti-oxidizing properties help counter the external oxidizing agents and the formation of free radicals for healthy looking hair and improved color performance.



Active ingredients:

Cotton oil/ honey: a mix of elevated properties that soften, nourish and restore elasticity to the hair fibre for brilliant and healthy looking hair. Effective sealing action smoothes the external surface of the hair structure to guarantee protection and infuse incredible brilliance.



Active ingredients:

Keratin proteins: restructure, repair and regenerate helping to improve the condition of the cortex and protect the color from within. The internal hair fibre becomes firmer and stronger.


100 ml