Refoil Pre-Cuts Medium 20cm x 12cm 18mic

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Product Specifications
• Size: 20cm x 12cm + 1.4cm fold
• Thickness: Premium grade (18 microns)
• Colour: Silver
• Quantity: 1 box
• Total pre-cuts in 1 box: 1400 (equivalent to 1 REFOIL CLASSIC ROLL)
• Comes in a display box

The Refoil pre-cuts medium are a real treat for the colourist who cares about quality, style and the environment.

For the first time in hair foiling history colourists can choose for a large amount of pre-cuts in a stylish and practical box that fits any salon trolley or bench-top. It’s time to say goodbye to:

Foil cutting

Foil folding

Foil wastage