Hasty Too Blow Dry Hydro Gel 150ml - KK Hair

Hasty Too Blow Dry Hydro Gel 150ml

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All hair types need an ally in the pre-drying phase which can prepare hair for a controlled and long lasting style

Blow Dry Hydro Gel is a medium hold pre-style gel that gives the hair suppleness, definition, hydration and greater style hold both when blow drying and without heat sources.

The hair will be soft, pleasantly scented and defined. The hair will be more easily styled with much longer results.

Its scented gel texture is quickly absorbed and leaves the hair hydrated and defined, while its medium hold formula keeps it soft but structured at the same time.

  • Pre-styling gel
  • Provides elasticity, definition and hydration
  • Medium hold


  • Apply on damp hair before drying