Colortrak Pride Tint Brush

Colortrak Pride Tint Brush

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This year, Colortrak invites you to be proud of who you are all year.

The Pride Brush is a professional balayage tool in support of the LGBTQ community with every sale, supporting free HIV testing, LGBTQ youth shelters, community outreach, healthcare and more.

We have partnered with Pridelines to create a professional color tool with a conscience. This feather-bristle brush is about more than rainbows, it is a real initiative to improve the lives of real people in our community.

More Than Just Rainbows

We created this brush to applaud the bravery and tenacity of our LGBTQ family, employees, ambassadors, and community leaders.

We understand that we cannot commodify anyone's struggles.

Our intention is to make as big a difference as we can for our friends and family on the front-lines of LGBTQ activism.