PRO FEEL 10360 Blunt Cutter

PRO FEEL 10360 Blunt Cutter

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BASIC PRO FEEL 10360 Blunt Cutter, With 2 distinctly different shaped blades, it does not allow the hair to push when being cut. Whether it's cutting blunt lines or curves into the hair, you must try this scissor.

Used for soft cuts, blunt cuts and chop cuts. An almighty scissor.

The design closes at almost the same angle from the base 1/3 to the cutting edge, making it difficult for hair to escape. Also, since it cuts with the same force all the way to the ends of the hair, it can be cut smoothly.

Product name: BASIC PRO FEEL 10360 / BASIC PRO FEEL 10360

Material: HITACHI ATS314 (Hitachi Metals Yasugi Steel)